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The White Death: An avalanche disaster from 1954 

Sixty years ago, in January 1954, devastating avalanches swept across Austria’s Vorarlberg state. In a 48-hour period 388 avalanches were observed. The aftermath was disastrous; 270 burials resulting in 125 deaths, 55 houses and hundreds of farm buildings were destroyed, … Continue reading

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Beinn a’Bhuird – Buried 22 hrs (Scotland, 1964)

Forty-seven years ago today a remarkable story of avalanche survival occurred in Scotland’s Cairngorm mountains. Though the story did not end well for two hikers, one man survived a 22-hour burial. Yes, 22 hours under the snow.

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Wet Snow and Rescuers — Part 2

Part 2. Dealing with wet snow Compared to recreational adventurers, rescuers loose flexibility on when and where they must go. While avalanches are always formidable foes for rescuers, wet avalanches – as I wrote a couple of weeks ago – … Continue reading

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Wet Snow Avalanches And Rescue, Part 1

In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours. ~Mark Twain Spring also means a whole lot of changes for the snow and avalanche conditions, and spring can be … Continue reading

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