RECCO reflector-equipped ORTOVOX avalanche transceivers

Starting fall 2013 ORTOVOX is including RECCO reflectors into all new transceivers. The combination of systems is new to rescuers and we want to provide you with some detailed information.

Why put reflectors into transceivers?

A reflector-equipped transceiver provides a backup rescue system that benefits all ORTOVOX users including recreationalists, professionals and rescuers. A reflector-equipped transceiver:

  • Gives a better chance of a fast and successful rescue.
  • Provides rescuers with a backup system they have never had before.

Will this make RECCO searching more difficult?

Good technique, consistent training, proper crowd and rescuer control — all activities already practiced by good detector operators — greatly limit difficulties. Only a very few rescuers — those who may use the RECCO detector — might be affected with some additional complexity to the RECCO search. The disadvantage, however, is offset by the additional safety for the rescuer.

What about interference?

Managing interference (also known as “personal noise”) is not a new challenge for detector operators. In most cases, any interference can be avoided by carrying the electronic device against one’s back. This also applies to a reflector-equipped ORTOVOX transceiver.

How to wear a reflector-equipped transceiver?

As recommended in the basic RECCO instruction, the detector operator should position their transceiver with the reflector side securely against their back.

What if still experiencing interference?

When transceiver placement on one’s back is insufficient, use a RECCO Shield (EMF shielding fabric available from RECCO) to cover the transceiver. Wrap the transceiver securely. The shield will not affect the transceiver’s function.

What about fellow rescuers with reflector-equipped transceivers?

This situation is no different than encountering other skiers with reflectors, and is much easier to deal with than additional rescuers arriving IN TRANSMIT during a transceiver search. The directionality of the RECCO detector facilitates identifying those reflector-equipped rescuers. Keep those rescuers behind the detector operator or aim the detector more downward into the snow.  For recommendations on search field organization please visit the rescuer’s section of our website: > login

Training Tips

To maximize chances for success, train and practice with all types of possible distractions. RECCO distractions may include reflector-equipped rescuers, which can be simulated with reflectors inside backpacks placed in the search area. Please refer to Training Exercises in the R9 User Guide for other ideas. Also you may login to the rescuer’s section of our website: > login for more training tips and suggestions to conducting RECCO searches.

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