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China – Birthplace of Skiing

At last week’s ISPO-China I was privileged to speak at the Asian Pacific Snow Conference, but the highlight of my the day was listening to and meeting Mr. Shan Zhaojian, a Chinese ski historian. I would describe Mr. Zhaojian as … Continue reading

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Avalanche Crashes With Religion and Physics

Let me share with you the curious, entertaining and embarrassing circumstances surrounding an avalanche when religion got schooled in a simple law of physics: what goes down must come up.

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The First US Avalanche Death?

Where do you think and when was the first reported avalanche death in the United States (or territories before statehood)?

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What Can Sherlock Holmes Teach Us About Avalanches – Part 3 of 3

Part 3. Thinking Backwards About Avalanches. So, how can we think backwards about avalanches? Before answering that question let’s look briefly at how thinking forward — cause to effect — can get us into trouble when dealing with decisions of … Continue reading

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Can Sherlock Holmes Teach Us About Avalanches? – Part 2

Part 2. How Sherlock Holmes Thinks Backwards. An example of Holmes thinking backwards can be read in A Study of Scarlet where Holmes describes the history of a watch recently acquired by Watson. After looking at the watch for just … Continue reading

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