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Can Sherlock Holmes Teach Us About Avalanches? Part 1

When it comes to the science of avalanches, this fictional detective from the late 1800s probably cannot tell us anything about avalanches. However, when it comes to making decisions about playing and working safely in avalanche terrain, the master detective … Continue reading

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Ski Extreme

Wow!! Ski extreme by two virtuosos: Anselme Baud and Patrick Vallençant. I hope you take a few minutes to enjoy Baud and Vallençant gettin’ after it on May 31, 1977. On that sunny morning the pair skied the Arete de … Continue reading

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Black Officer – White Death

Avalanches don’t care about one’s knowledge and skills, or one’s position in life, nor do avalanches care about holiday festivals. A death is usually mourned, but the death of the Black Officer in the Scottish Cairngorms in 1800, was thought … Continue reading

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