Hundreds Killed – India Kasmir

We in the west, North American and Europe, think we have bad avalanche problems, but our problems are nothing like the avalanche threats faced by many people central Asia. This weekend hundreds died in India Kasmir.

Thanks to fellow snow nerds Steve Conger and Halsted Morris, I learned of this horrible tragedy. Over this past weekend a series of avalanches crashed into villages in the Anatang, Doda, and Poonch districts.  Since the weekend 226 have died. In the past two weeks avalanches have claimed 254.

So far the story has not reached the international news services, but it was reported by an Indian blogger. You can visit his site to read more.

This is an area that knows avalanche tragedies. In February 2005, heavy snows smothered the area with 2-4+ meters of snow over 5 days. During the storm cycle many villages were struck and more than 278 people died. New reports told of more than 200 others who were missing because of avalanches and snowfall. I never did see a final tally. The Anatang, Doda,Pulwama and Poonch districts were hardest hit.

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