Dale Atkins elected President of AAA

The nearly 500 professional members of the American Avalanche Association recently elected RECCO’s own Dale Atkins as their next president. He will assume the role beginning in January 2011. The American Avalanche Association represents the professional interests of the American avalanche community.  Atkins is well known both nationally and internationally for his experience and work in avalanche forecasting, accidents causes, and avalanche rescue. He worked for nearly 20 years as an avalanche forecaster and researcher with the venerable Colorado Avalanche Information Center. Dale has published books and produced movies on avalanche accidents and rescue, and published internationally articles on avalanche safety and rescue. A former 20-year ski patroller and still active in mountain rescue, Dale is the Vice President of the Avalanche Rescue Commission for the International Commission for Alpine Rescue. Currently, Dale works for RECCO AB as their education and training manager for North America.

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2 Responses to Dale Atkins elected President of AAA

  1. Brian Holt says:

    good job dale!! Hope you all have a great 2011

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